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Communication rider horse

Topic areas: e.g. B. “Health/food, handling/everyday life, sport/dressage/leisure, relationships/handling

In this session I will connect with you and your horse.

Either you are with your horse right now or you have a recent photo in which I can clearly see the eyes. You will have the opportunity to discuss your own current concerns with the horse from thematic areas e.g. B. “Health/food – interaction/everyday life – sport/dressage/leisure – relationships/handling”.

ridden or watched from the ground with Claudia. You can send me videos in advance that are necessary to view the situation. Professional confidentiality is guaranteed.

Scope of the individual session with Claudia:

  1. 3 questions that concern you personally or your horse

  2. You will receive a personal message from your horse The answers usually also contain suggested solutions

  3. Video call via Zoom in Claudia's horse stable. Recording of the conversation via Zoom – will be sent to you afterwards. ​


Your investment: €150 including VAT. ​


Book your individual session now!


Why is my horse in pain LimaPeru. In this video you can see how I make contact with the mare PRESCHERS and then communicate with him.  We show how the horse reacts to the pressure of the saddle and how its tension becomes clear. 

Maria Gracia de la Piedra  with her Preschers


On site in your stable

I would also be happy to come to your stable if you would like to interview several horses. There we can also take a closer look at communication while riding. It is often easy to explain why there are always misunderstandings between rider and horse. Your riding style doesn't matter to me. We can also learn a lot about the relationship between the rider couple from the ground during training. During a personal conversation we can see together how this works out in terms of time and price. Please contact me here:

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