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Create clarity

Individual session - online

The messages from my horses and I will help you gain clarity about your current situation so that you can make the right decisions for yourself.

In this session I will connect with you to get answers to your questions. You will have the opportunity to gain deep insights into your own spirituality and the needs of your animals. Together we will find ways to bring you back into balance and give you the clarity you are looking for.

Best of all, my four horses Spirit, Princess, Farru and Albero will also be present to bring their energy and wisdom to the session.

Book an appointment now for this unique experience and get the answers that will take you further. Let's work together on your well-being and that of your animals.

Scope of the individual session with Claudia and her horses:

  • 3 questions that concern you personally or your animal

  • You will receive a personal message from my horses

  • The answers usually also contain suggested solutions

  • Video call via Zoom in Claudia's horse stable.

  • Recording of the conversation via Zoom - will be sent to you afterwards.

Your investment: 150 euros including VAT.

Book your individual session now!

Feel free to write for a gift voucher 

Why horses as trainers?

The horse as a coach and trainer gives honest feedback on several levels. The horse reacts precisely to the body language of its counterpart. Horses are not impressed by our appearance or our status - they recognize who we really are. They are the best mirrors of us humans, they perceive our inner being and recognize what is hidden deep within us. Coaching with the horse is sustainable for body, mind and soul. It works even if you have never had anything to do with horses before.

That's what customers say

"The horses knew things that they couldn't have known. It was very enlightening and magical. It gave me a lot of trust and strength. Every horse touched me deeply. Thank you very much Claudia for your valuable reading"

Alexandra Schwenke, relationship coach for women - Sauerland

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