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Your happiness program

  • 30Days


With Claudia Friederich's Happiness Program you can break out of the hamster wheel and find clarity to lead a happy life. Learn to start every day with a smile on your face! Claudia is at your side every step of the way and will personally answer your questions. 🌟 #HappinessProgram #HappyLife #ClaudiaFriederich Process of 30 days of intensive mentoring: 3 steps for your joy in life 1. You work through the video program with workbook at your own pace for your success 2. If you have any questions, write to me in our WhatsApp group 3. When you are ready for your 60 minute coaching conversation after approx. 3.5 weeks, book your appointment via our WhatsApp group. Every time you think it's no longer possible... Claudia comes along :-) I'm always there for you (24/7)!

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Happiness for You

Happiness for You

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